Would you vote for Okiya Omtatah if he vied for Presidency?

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Dec 3rd 2019 at 15:36
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Human rights activist Okiya Omtatah is a darling to many Kenyans due to his relentless efforts in fighting for the rights of the oppressed.

Labeled as a defender of public interest, Omtatah says he is firmly guided by the Holy Book and humanity cannot rule itself and prosper except by the laws anchored on promoting the rights and fundamental freedoms of all people.

On Tuesday, the activist shared a screenshot of a post (under an account bearing his name) on whether he should vie for the Senatorial or gubernatorial seat in Busia County.

The post drew a number of reactions and although some urged him to vie for a political seat, others asked him to continue fighting for the rights of the oppressed.

JM II: It's been proven from the past that you can't make a difference from inside... My advice… stay out and continue challenging those in power for the greater good of the country.

Michael Kamau: Simama Nairobi

Onejalaxy: Am not from Busia but Governor sio mbaya

Settled Nomad: Kuja kiambu.... We neee a Governor

Japheth Odonya: Simama Governor omwami. Niko na kura yako

Wyliff Ogola: Wacha na siasa, wewe ni mtetezi wetu uku chini

In recent months, a section of Kenyans has discussed 2022 politics with some suggesting a shift from the familiar names.

Omtatah is well-known to the people for his selflessness but would you give him your vote if he decides to vie for the top seat?

During a recent interview, he reflected on his experience in the political arena where he vied for the Busia senatorial seat in 2017 but lost to Amos Wako.

He admitted that he lacked the financial muscle but the experience was priceless.

“Though I vied on a Ford-Kenya ticket in an ODM stronghold and, literally, I had no money to match what the incumbent unleashed, I chose the route of civic and political education to agitate for resource-based leadership and it worked very well.

“It was a neck and neck race where I got more than 100,000 votes, and the difference between me and the Senator wasn’t much,” he said.

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