Sabina chege’s savage tweet that humbled Itumbi after his remarks on Embrace

By Babu Tendu | Thursday, Nov 28th 2019 at 11:29
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Muranga County Women Representative Sabina Chege on Wednesday, November 27, 2019, humbled Presidential official Dennis Itumbi through a savage tweet.

The Secretary of Innovation, Digital, and Diaspora Communication in the Office of the President took to social media to attack Sabina Chege’s ‘Embrace women building bridges Kenya’.

Itumbi used projects that have been completed with the Inua Mama Initiatives to degrade the course of Embrace women.

He further alleged that team embrace had a political agenda.

This did not rest well with Sabina Chege who was tagged in the post and therefore prompted to fire a response to Itumbi.

“Dear @SABINACHEGE Embrace, let us face it had a political agenda, if any. Inua Mama has a social empowerment agenda. Inua Mama therefore will NOT told.” Posted Itumbi.

Sabina savagely expressed to Itumbi her willingness to answer to him immediately he becomes a 'woman', as then it would be of concern to him.

“Will answer you back when you become a woman. Enjoy your evening” responded the Muranga Women Representative.

Itumbi, humbled and faded, diverted from issues that relate to team embrace and opted to advertise the next Inua Mama forum.

“Sawa Mum. Barikiwa. Inua Mama in Wajir on Friday. Just FYI” Itumbi responded to Sabina Chege.

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