Exclusive – ‘Tua tua’ Pastor responds to viral video

By Fay Ngina | Tuesday, Nov 26th 2019 at 14:47
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Pastor Susan Munene of Overcomers Hope Ministry Kasarani, Nairobi has been the talk of town after a video of her preaching about sex went viral.

In the video, Pastor Munene says sex is the only game made by God and couples should do it everywhere including in the car and kitchen.

Speaking exclusively to Ureport, Pastor Munene says she was aware that the video has gone viral and wondered why it took that long.

“It’s a good video for me, because that is something I have been poking over and over again, I am surprised that this is when it is coming up and in all my meetings, that is what I preach,” said Pastor Susan.

How it went viral

During the phone interview, Pastor Munene says that a couple in the US sent the main highlight of the video to Churchill which made the video go viral.

“Someone picked the CD and they went and practised the message and it worked for them then they gave another couple. So the couple they gave are the ones who actually took the highlight of that CD and sent it to one of their friends in the United States who now sent it to Churchill (Daniel Ndambuki),” says Pastor Munene.

It was a couples meeting

Pastor Munene says the video was recorded two weeks ago during a couples meeting and not in church, where they were discussing about how to enjoy sex in marriage.

She points out that the message was not meant for everyone and that there were no children during her preaching as the message was only meant for married couples.

When asked what prompted her to talk about what she said in the viral video, Pastor Munene says it’s a man who posed a question asking about sex in marriage.

“A man actually posed a question and asked me… because when married women get annoyed in the marriage most of the time, they cut off everything. So the man asked me ‘Pastor how many times should a married couple have sex,” she explained.

The Pastor, who has been married for close to twenty years now, says she had to put in a lot humor when answering the question so that people could grasp what she was saying.

Advice to youth and married couples

Pastor Munene says she is completely against sex before marriage and encouraged married couples to enjoy their conjugal rights.

“I condemn sexual intercourse before marriage, I condemn sex among the children, teenagers and I recommend that sex is only meant for the married and parents," she said.

She said that sex is viewed as a taboo in Kenya and that is why clergies should talk about it and enlighten people on what is right or wrong.

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