Moses Kuria on a selfish agenda

By Joseph Mutua Ndonga | Monday, Nov 25th 2019 at 07:55
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I have been following with keen interest the comments and statements that the Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has been making lately.

The MP, who represents the home constituency of President Uhuru Kenyatta, has been driving a narrative that the head of State has abandoned people of Central Kenya. Many believe the MP has long fallen out with the first family.

For this reason, he fears that Uhuru will groom another candidate to unseat him in the next poll. As a master of politics of survival, this explains why he would allege that Uhuru has "abandoned" the Mt Kenya people.

The people of Mount Kenya have started to realise that Kuria has been using them to push his selfish political agenda.

A few days ago, the president convened a meeting that brought together leaders drawn from the Mount Kenya region.

Mr Kuria is among those who attended the meeting at Sagana State Lodge, but for reasons known to him, he failed to arrive on time.

Soon after the meeting, Kuria lamented that it was a waste of time and regretted attending it. In the Sagana meeting, the President listened to the leaders and eloquently pledged to address the issues they had raised.

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