MCA fears for his life after death threat texts

By James Omoro | Friday, Nov 22nd 2019 at 09:42
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A Homa Bay MCA has recorded a statement with the police following alleged threats to his life.

Kochia MCA Michael Nyang’i told the police he has been receiving Short Text messages and WhatsApp, threatening him with death, Thursday last week.

One of the messages sent via a WhatsApp read, “Nyang’i is the enemy of Kochia that must be dealt with and be destroyed completely and we are going to do that.”

“The messages are a threat to my life because the senders want me to be killed. This matter should not be taken lightly,” said Nyang’i.

He said the messages were sent by people suspected to be residents of his ward.

 “I suspect some politicians from my ward are using youths to achieve this bad mission,” Nyang’i said.

He recorded a statement at Homa Bay Police Station over the matter.

“I am appealing to police to protect me from those who are threatening me,” said Nyang’i.

The MCA said he had received at least five messages.

Homa Bay County Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) Commander Daniel Wachira said his office.

Wachira said the matter was being handled.

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