Keep Calm, your huduma namba is just ‘Sh1 billion more’ away

By Babu Tendu | Thursday, Nov 21st 2019 at 11:55
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The National Treasury asked parliament to approve Sh1 billion more for the successful completion of the Huduma Namba registration process.

So far, the project has already gobbled up Sh7.7 billion and the requested funds are part of the more than Sh80 billion increase in the overall national expenditure.

The number was supposed to be issued to applicants immediately they registered but things made a drastic u-turn and people were issued with registration acknowledgment slips.

A number of lawmakers, however, protested the project.

They argued that it would be a bad idea to launch a new project in the wake of tough financial times.

The request by the treasury elicited reactions among Kenyans who had mixed opinions on the issue.

“Huduma namba was a scheme for few individuals to enrich themselves they want i billion more .ile ujinga inakuanga hii kenya” posted Paul Mai.

“This is "flooding", a tactic beloved of despots & dictators. Start so many fires that pple's energy & attention is fully taken up by the mere act of just trying to survive. Add to this the state capture of oversight agencies & starvation of any resisting & you have a perfect kill” added Karanja Matindi.

“Well said.. That 1B should be used to create cancer treatment centres in a number of counties.. Huduma number can wait as its not as important as our people” suggested Jose Wangondu.

The Huduma Bill 2019, was aimed at establishing a digital national population database to be a single source of foundational and functional data for all resident individuals.

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