Why Moses Kuria has offered to take Waiguru on a tour around Mt Kenya

By Fay Ngina | Wednesday, Nov 20th 2019 at 09:46
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Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria has offered to take Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru on a tour around Mt Kenya region after her remarks during a television interview.

The MP, through his social media handles, opposed the sentiments echoed by the Governor concerning the grievances of the people of Mt Kenya region.

During the interview, Waiguru stated that she believes the grievances brought forth by the people of Mt Kenya are not genuine, adding that their problems are similar to other regions.

“I do not think grievances from Mt Kenya region are real. The challenges of Mt Kenya are similar to those in other parts of the country,” said the Governor.

However, the Gatundu MP differed with the Governor citing that the people of Mt Kenya are still yearning for development.

“Dear Mrs Anne Mumbi Waiguru-Kamotho. Contrary to what you said on Citizen TV tonight, Mt Kenya grievances are real. The people are yearning for development. The once thriving economy is in tatters. Our cash crops including Kirinyaga rice have collapsed,” said Kuria.

He went ahead and aired other problems facing the regions such us unemployment among the youth and even offered to take the Governor on a tour around the area.

“There is a water shortage in all our 10 counties. The youth have no jobs. Milk farmers are getting 17 shillings per litre because unscrupulous Kenyan companies are flooding the market with milk they have bought for Ksh 10 per litre in Uganda.”

“The East African Protocol is being used to finish off our eggs, poultry and milk farmers after subjecting them to unfair competition from Uganda. When you have time let's arrange I take you on a one-day tour of Kirinyaga county you see for yourself,” concluded the MP.

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