Why the marriage is no longer a priority for millennials

By Oloo Winnie | Tuesday, Nov 19th 2019 at 13:03
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Kenya is currently undergoing a crisis in the family sector. The rise of dysfunctional homes, heightened by frequent divorce cases, points to a gloomy area for the once cherished institution.

Media reports over the years have indicated the intolerance attitude within the millennials that have led to separation and gruesome murders within the family unity. It is becoming evident that the millennials are on a downward trend when it comes to valuing each other lives.

Most marriages nowadays are created with a motive to benefit, to be satisfied, to gain and not to give, failure to which leads to rampant separation, and the rise of children challenged to trace their ancestry.

The financial aspect, as global research says, is the leading reason behind most breakups today. With the rate of unemployment at 60 percent and the attainment of gender equality, adjusting to this demanding institution deems a task to this population.

Times are evolving quick, with more women required to work, same hours just like the men, coupled with parental duties and domestic chores, finding balance amidst all these requirements sounds daunting.

In pursuit of financial freedom, married couples find it challenging to prioritize each other. Our African culture is yet to embrace the changing gender roles, which can leave both parties fulfilled; this leaves most millennials in a jinx.

As most youths try to grapple with building a career and acquiring more finances, the result is felt in the family sector with the rise of single parenthood and a chaotic society.

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