KCPE low scorers, it is not the end

By Clodwig Abanga | Tuesday, Nov 19th 2019 at 11:14
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What does it mean for those who did not perform exemplary? We are already molding a society where learners believe that life is all about blacks and white. Passing exams and making it in life or failing it and your life is ruined.

This is the time when the counseling role of parents should come in handy. I understand that the government is keen on implementing the 100% transition policy from primary to secondary schools.

To some extent, Uhuru’s government cares about everyone. But let us be real. Are we trying to say that we all enjoyed life in secondary schools? There answer is definitely no.

I can’t piece together how we expect these students to survive under such conditions. A place that requires deep thinking, personal commitments, perseverance, patience, and to top it all, we will be expecting them not to disappoint.

It is important that we encourage these students to embrace the technical causes and perhaps save on time that will be spent trying to fit in. It might not be easy knowing what our children’s interest. However, if we don’t try, who will take the blame for them not performing in their next national exams?

We need a counter policy for the all examinable education system in our nation. It is not too late.

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