Parent of KCSE candidate who died reveals what happened before his last breath

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Nov 13th 2019 at 15:53
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Victor Kiptoo Ng’eno, an 18-year-old form four student at Barina Secondary School in Rongai, Nakuru County, complained of discomfort moments after completing his Chemistry practical last week.

According to his father David Ng’eno, the boy ate very little food that night and threw up almost immediately.

"When he returned from the exam, he said he felt fatigued. During supper, he barely ate and ended up throwing up the little he had eaten.

“The following morning he said he felt weak, I told him to continue using the drugs that I had purchased since he had suffered pneumonia earlier in the month," said his father.

On Sunday, Victor was still unwell but proceeded to church with his friend.

However, on Monday, November 11, Ng’eno accompanied his son to school and explained to the authorities that his son was unwell.

He was taken to the school’s dispensary and given medication before being referred to Mogotio for further lab tests.

Unfortunately, before he underwent the tests, Victor had difficulty in breathing and complained of chest pains.

According to his father, he seemed to be gasping for air before he died.

"Before he died he began experiencing difficulty in breathing. In his final moments, he kept saying "Dear Lord do not desert me, father do not leave me alone," a sorrowful Ng'eno revealed.

A postmortem is set to be conducted by the end of the week to ascertain the cause of his death.

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