Cheaters enjoying the new WhatsApp fingerprint lock?

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Nov 6th 2019 at 15:45
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The other day I read somewhere that if you cannot leave your unlocked phone with your partner then you are not fit to be in a relationship.

Some people will even carry their phones to the bathroom ‘for the sake of the relationship.’

Apart from the usual application locks available, WhatsApp users can now lock the app in their privacy settings.

Depending on the duration set, the app might lock itself immediately, after a minute or after 30minutes.

This means that even if someone manages to unlock your phone, they will be stuck at unlocking the application using your fingerprint.

According to WhatsApp, the fingerprint lock offers an extra level of security and can protect your chats from being hacked.

To experience the latest feature, users need to update their app to the latest version.

Once the app is updated, users can head over to the Settings > Privacy > Fingerprint lock and scan your fingerprint to confirm the authentication.

Once the fingerprint is enabled, users will only be able to access chats by authenticating using their fingerprint.

They can, however, still reply to messages from the notification shade and answer calls even when the app is locked.

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