How President Kenyatta and Ruto have failed Kenyans

By Nyatado Odhes | Monday, Nov 4th 2019 at 08:32
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Propaganda is the engine oiling and rolling the wheels of our politics. Forget about job creation, education, healthcare et cetera. During campaigns politicians promise us heaven and we get brainwashed. In the end we end up with scumbags as leaders. We lack the courage to admonish and point the folly of our leaders.

The inherent fear in us allows and permits them to run amok, raping and defiling us. If I was to raise a finger against Uhuru, Raila or Ruto, their online warriors would come for me, bare knuckle, however objective and balanced I care to be. It is a culture that doesn't reside with the top leaders, but permeates to the lower echelons of our politics, to muzzle critics.

At the national level, vigilante members are often kinsmen and women while at the lower level, clanism takes plays dominance. It is the same thinking, that shapes our politics, cushioning vampires, to reign and wreak havoc. Uhuruto lied to the nation yet they still have the guts to appear in public, with more promises. Of their campaign promises, what have they fulfilled? If you celebrate them, has your life improved under their leadership?

From where I sit, I see failure. Without batting an eye lid, they still have the audacity and appetite, to appear in public, to tell more lies, to a cheering audience. Why would people cheer and applaud such leadership, which has confined us to slavery as we pamper their lavish lifestyles? We cannot hold them accountable, they lord over us. Before Uhuru can tell us about BBI, he should own up to his failures.

BBI is yet another fraud, peddled to a foolish nation by leaches, to perch their view at the top perpetuate their control, to bleed this nation. Fear is leading us to our grave. What future are we betrothing our children? Just fear and the burden of debts and more debts? For those who celebrate ethnicity, you have abdicated from your ability to think.

For what benefit do you rally behind looters, to defend them yet you suffer the pangs of hunger, your stomach churning while looters cushioned by your ethnic blood are partying? You only betray yourself. I feel betrayed, wasted and exploited by a government turning us to zombies. To Raila, there is an immense feeling of betrayal, to see you abandon and sacrifice what you believed on, to dine with those you criticised.

If you thought it was a strategy towards your cause, be reminded too that they too had a cause to chart, including immobilising and taming you. It is a move that reeks betrayal. It is just but a matter of time. To Ruto, we cannot liberate our people from poverty through handouts. Spoon feeding has never taken beggars off our streets. It has only enhanced a dependency culture.

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