Excitement that comes with concluding KCPE and KCSE exams

By Babu Tendu | Sunday, Nov 3rd 2019 at 12:25
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With the 8-4-4 system slowly fading out, the remaining groups of class eight pupils probably have a number of plans after the conclusion of their primary education.

It is a general feeling among primary school pupils that being in school for eight years could make one feel like they miss out on a lot.

Many who have been through the process, however, dispute this and describe the time spent in school to be the best spent time yet.

By the time we get to sit for our final paper, in most instances, many students have a well-outlined plan waiting to be executed.

Gone are the days when students would take photographs with their school’s signpost and feel accomplished.

These days, students go all out in making their new place in the society known.

Even in photography, an element of complexity is incorporated.

For instance, photos which went viral of pupils who were pictured with guns borrowed from police officers in an attempt to make the moment as memorable as possible.

What matters after all in your planning is the achievability of the plans, if they are realistic then you stand a higher chance of achieving them.

I remember tales of classmates who claimed they would be moving abroad only to see them in my hometown after a while.

But as we look forward to achieving our dreams and fulfill our plans lets note that we all need to be alive if we will have to join high school.

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