Why Bungoma boy was forced to spend unknown period of time with dead body he discovered in forest

By Babu Tendu | Saturday, Nov 2nd 2019 at 11:33
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A boy who discovered a dead body in a forest has been forced to spend an unknown period of time with the body in Bungoma.

According to Bukusu traditions, cleansing rituals have to be performed on a person who has seen a dead body before they rejoin their family.

Failure to this, it is believed that a curse will befall the person’s entire generation.

The curse is said to be accompanied by calamities that include deaths and stammering among others.

Bukusu customs direct that the family of the deceased should also slaughter a goat for the elders.

Further, the deceased’s family is required to give the boy a cow.

The slaughtered goat’s intestines should be smeared on the body of the boy for him to be accepted back to his family.

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