12-year-old boy gets university admission

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Oct 30th 2019 at 09:42
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A 12-year-old boy in Ghana has stunned many after earning admission to The University of Ghana.

The institution accepted around 2900 applications this year and Viemens Bamfo, who was homeschooled by his father, is set to study Public Administration.

According to an interview by Citi Newsroom, Bamfo expressed confidence that he will excel in his new course in his bid to change the face of Ghana.


He is the second one in their family to go through home-schooling after his father withdrew him from school after lower primary.

Bamfo has not gone to upper primary or even high school but has greatly benefitted from his father’s tuition.

Asked how he managed to achieve this, his father, Robert Bamfo, said financial constraints made him choose this route and the fruits are better than he expected.

“What I teach first is dictionary skills so that the child is able to pronounce every word correctly.

“We do the phonetic skills and once that is done I teach Latin…for the sciences I do not give notes. What we do is textbook centered,” he said.

Adding: “If he does not understand what he is reading, we do reading skills development (how do I understand what I read). I use that to let them paraphrase what they have read.”

Viemens was tutored in various science-related subjects and was encouraged to study hard. He said that his father often used what he liked (examples) to teach him and this made him grasp complex concepts faster.


He added that he wants to become the President of Ghana and bring positive change.

"I want to become the President of Ghana, I want to lift high the flag of Ghana and make Ghana a truly independent country like China, the US, Britain and other countries," he said.

Further, he hopes to study economics and accounting later on.

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