Light moment online after headteacher gets arrested for showing up drunk to collect KCPE exam papers

By Babu Tendu | Tuesday, Oct 29th 2019 at 11:45
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A drunk headteacher on Tuesday, October 29, 2019, showed up to collect KCPE examination papers drunk at the Bomet County Commissioner's office.

As a teacher, it is ethically wrong to be under the influence during working hours as it is in many other 'if not all' professions.

This, however, did not matter to a majority of Kenyans online who seemed to be sympathetic to the headteacher who was arrested shortly after he was noticed.

Some, in his defense, argued that there are certain individuals who work best under the influence.

"My literature teacher used to explain everything when he was drunk, and we loved his lesson more than others," said Lilian Kemunto, a Facebook User.

A user by the name Msema Ukweli Mteso expressed his happiness to be alive in Kenya in these times.

"Only Kenya, where you can do anything your mind can think to do, happy to be in my home country," he posted.

The teacher, who was identified as David Ngerich from Sonokwek Primary School, reportedly staggered into the exams collection center and demanded to be served first.

Other comments include;

"I love Kenya; Wonders shall never end" posted Seda Yego through Facebook.

"Why is he arrested, some individuals can work perfectly under the influence" posted Kimeli Jeptoo.

"Can't a brother have one for the road??" asked Josh Ndirangu De Santa.

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