Kenyans react after Tanzanian authorities’ arrest four Chinese contractors over delayed projects

By Babu Tendu | Friday, Oct 25th 2019 at 10:57
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Barely a day since Tanzanian authorities arrested four Chinese contractors for delayed projects, Kenyans online were quick to offer their opinions on the matter.

Many compared the incident in Tanzania to the manner in which similar situations are handled in Kenya.

A huge section of the online users was quick to call on the Kenyan authorities to take similar actions in dealing with unproductive contractors in the country.

“Kindly follow suit and arrest the most unqualified contractor working between Bissil and Namanga road,” tweeted Larmoi James, a Twitter user.

Others praised Tanzania’s leadership and applauded their commitment to serve their electorate.

“When you have a strong and committed Leader at the wheels, the country prospers immensely and gets value for money,” said another user.

A user by the name Samuel Mwangi, however, came to the defense of the Chinese contractors and accused the Tanzanian government of intentionally destroying their relationship with China.

“Slow progress of construction works is not a crime, it could be due to myriad factors, not just inefficiencies on the part of the Chinese team, I think the Tanzanian government is just straining its relationship with China. It’s not a credit” tweeted Samuel Mwangi.

This came after the Dar es Salaam Region Governor, Paul Makonda ordered their arrest on Thursday.

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