Family in distress over mysterious disappearance of dumb kin

By Ureport | Thursday, Oct 24th 2019 at 15:53
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Naomi Wambui aged 21 years disappeared from their home at Kahawa Wendani on 11th September. Upon realizing she wasn’t home the dad Reported to Kahawa Sukari police and he got an OB Number.

Later someone told the dad that Naomi had been seen boarding a Matatu to town and the dad decided to report the matter at Kamkunji police station just in case she got stranded in town, he also got an OB Number from there.

On Saturday 28th September a relative saw a post on Facebook page for Nakuru county Moms with Naomi’s picture indicating she was last seen at Kaptembwa Police station. Unfortunately, that post was 2 days old.

We immediately sent someone to check at Kaptembwa police station to check whether she was still there but that person was told she had been taken to County offices.

At about 5pm we succeeded in getting Naomi’s dad on Phone and he immediately boarded a matatu to Nakuru. Upon his arrival to Nakuru we proceeded to Kaptembwa police station and the first thing the police officer who was at the OB acknowledged after seeing Naomi’s photo.

“Yes she’s the one, she was here. In fact, hii picha imepigiwa hapa kwa Canteen yetu, But Haukusema Anaitwa Naomi, alisema Anaitwa Njeri” said the officer.

The dad told the police that if they gave her a pen and paper she would have written her name since she is deaf and dumb.

The OB book showed that she had been transferred to Gilgil police station. An officer by the name Pamela was called (by a fellow officer via a Mobile phone), and she confirmed that indeed Naomi had been taken to Gilgil police Station.

We immediately boarded a Taxi at midnight to Gilgil police station. At Gilgil police station, after we narrated our story at the OB desk, there were two policemen and a police woman who said that there was no such case at their station. I even went to the Ladies Cell and she was not there. In the process, their OCS came and asked us to leave and visit the station the following morning.

We left but very disappointed. On our way back, we decided to go back to the police station where we started; Kaptembwa police station. We got there and after narrating how it went at Gilgil, the police officers said, “msijali Lazima ata patikana (don’t worry, she’ll be found).”

We were dissatisfied and we asked them to give us a way forward and they asked us to leave and come back in the morning to see the OCS. We made it clear that we wouldn’t come since we never knew what time the OCS would be in the Office considering it would be on a Sunday.

Upon insisting, they gave Naomi’s dad the OCS number which he called immediately. The OCS responded and her words were “Hakupelekwa Gilgil police Station, alipelekwa kwa stage ya Gilgil na Madam anaitwa Pamela, and another male officer, (She was not taken to Gilgil police Station, she was escorted to the bus stage by Madam Pamela and another male officer).”

So we left the police station more devastated.


About 2am the male officer, only identified as Kimani, called Naomi’s dad and acknowledged that he was the one who took Naomi to Gilgil stage. He said he would will visit the stage in Nakuru the following morning and find out where they took Naomi because he knew the vehicle that carried her.

The officer also acknowledged he is the one who took Naomi’s photo that was posted on Facebook.

Early Sunday morning 29th September, we left for Gilgil and when we got there, officer Kimani called Naomi’s dad and told him he had seen the Matatu, and the operators said they got Naomi to Gilgil.

We got to Gilgil police Station and got assistance from Corporal Nancy. We narrated our story and she tried calling officer Pamela, but she did not answer her phone. She called the Kaptembwa OCS in regards to the matter and the OCS confirmed that the case was being handled by madam Pamela.

“I don’t know how officer Pamela arrived at the decision of taking that girl to Gilgil stage in Nakuru, sijui waliongea na nani hata wakachanga pesa ndio huyo msichana aende” said the Corporal.

Corporal Nancy called the other officer (Kimani) who said he was only assisting Madam Pamela. Whn asked how they decided to make a mentally challenged person board a matatu, Kimani said Naomi told them she resides at Gilgil.

Corporal Nancy took pictures of Naomi’s photo and posted them on various pages on social media. She also pinned Naomi’s photo on the Notice board of the police station.

We were then advised to report a missing person at the OB desk at Gilgil police station where an OB number was obtained.

We then left to put posters of Naomi’s photo around Gilgil town and left.

Few days later Naomi’s dad passed by Naivasha police Station just to inquire on the same issue. They told him Naomi had been brought from Nakuru Kaptembwa police station, stayed in Naivasha for two days and she was returned to Kaptembwa police station.

Last Wednesday Naomi’s dad-was in Gilgil children's homes. He was told that no child is taken to a children's home without going through the DC for registration

So he went to the DC who was very supportive. He photocopied the posters which were to be given to the chiefs.

Naomi Wambui is still missing and the family is asking for help in finding her. Those who have any information can reach Naomi’s father, Nganga Mwangi through 0724463460.

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