Five underrated Kenyan Shujaas we should never forget

By Brenda Midamba | Tuesday, Oct 22nd 2019 at 10:24
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Happy belated mashujaa day! This is a great day that has been set to celebrate the heroes of Kenya. We all have personal heroes that have impacted us in our own lives, and then there are the heroes who have proved humanity to Kenyans by their selfless acts, and those are the people I would love to celebrate today. Abdul Haji

We were all moved by Abdul Hajji, who risked his life to save others in the Westgate attack that took place on 23rd September of 2013. In as much as we lost many lives that day, his heroic act saved many lives, and that is why we celebrate him today.

(2) Simon Cheprot

When Simon Cheprot lost the Okpekpe International 10km Road Race in Nigeria to rescue Kenneth Kipkemoi, he made headlines, and he made millions as a result of his act of kindness. We are living in a dog eat dog society, and a random act of kindness reminds us all how vital brotherhood is.

(3) Peter Tabichi

Peter Tabichi is a selfless Maths and Physics teacher at Kariko secondary in Pwani, Kenya, who donates most of his salary to help poorer students. This saw him win $1m in the Varkey foundation prize. I can't think of a better person to win this award, and he indeed is a mashujaa for putting the needs of others before his.

(4) Mary Waruguru.

When the Solai dam located in Nakuru broke its bank On 9th May 2018, posing a danger and killing over 47 residents, Ms. Mary Waruguru, a clinical administrator at Lecheila clinic, was recognized for saving the lives of over 30 children. The thing that makes her stand out is that she too could have fled to safety like the other doctors, but she stayed behind to perform first aid to the patients being brought in. What manner of selflessness is that? that is why we celebrate her today.

(5) Collins Kiprono

When the video of the 24-year-old census enumerator dancing with little children went viral during the August Census, it was a soul-satisfying video to watch. We are living in a busy society where we are worried much about our next move and of course playing with children is the last thing on our mind, this young hero schooled us all on the little things that really matter in life.

Happy Mashujaa day. I hope this was an inspiration to us all to create a difference and be a hero to someone else today. We are living in tough times, and so a little kindness goes a long way.

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