Kenya Ferry Services issues safety tips to all motorists

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Oct 15th 2019 at 12:32
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The Kenya Ferry Services on Monday listed safety tips to all drivers who board the ferry.

This comes after a car slipped and plunged into the Indian Ocean last month at the Likoni Channel, claiming two lives.

Through a series of tweets, drivers were urged to be extra careful whenever they board the ferry to avoid accidents.

Here are some of the safety tips: Follow the signs to the ferry and vehicle marshalling areaDrive within the stipulated speed limit and allow plenty of room to breakTurn on dipped headlights before driving onto or off a vehicle deckCheck that your handbrake or parking brake is applied before switching your engine on or offUpon parking your vehicle on board the ferry, drivers are asked not to start their engines until the traffic ahead has begun to disembarkMotorists are advised to switch off the engine, engage handbrake, roll down the windows, unbuckle the seat belts and where necessary get out of the vehicle

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