Plus-size model recalls missing out on jobs because of her body

By Vincent Kejitan | Friday, Oct 11th 2019 at 12:17
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Ideally, people should get jobs on merit but Diana Mwende, a plus-size model, quickly learnt that things are different on the ground.

Speaking during an interview at a local radio station, Mwende opened up on the struggles of being a plus-size model and the challenges that come with it, including missing out on employment opportunities.

She recalled several instances of bullying that dented her ego leaving her feeling unwanted and worthless.

“It has not been easy being plus size. I lost job opportunities because of my body size.

“When I recall all the bullying I experienced because of my size, it breaks me, I can't believe once I never used to leave the house... So what if I'm 140kgs??” she wondered.

Big, bold and beautiful as she describes herself, Mwende participated in the Miss Kenya Plus World 2019 in July.

She stated that she is now comfortable in her skin and has learnt to appreciate herself.

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