Oguna gives three reasons why retrieval of Likoni car is yet to start

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Oct 10th 2019 at 10:34
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Government Spokesperson Colonel (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna on Thursday morning explained why the retrieval of the car that plunged into the Likoni channel did not start at 9am as earlier reported.

Speaking to journalists, Oguna noted that they had to wait for human traffic across the channel to reduce before they could start the process since many people were crossing to the mainland.

He further added that strong currents were being experienced in the area and it would not be safe to send divers down to pull out the car.

Oguna also mentioned that they were waiting for two ships to cross for the retrieval to go ahead without interference.

He, however, maintained that the car will be pulled out by close of business on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Oguna noted that an object that resembles the vehicle in question had been located at a depth of 58m by Kenya Navy divers.

He said that it was early to confirm if it was the actual vehicle but assured members of the public that verification and plans to remove it from the water were ongoing.

His sentiments were echoed by Kenya Ferry Services Managing Director Bakari Gowa who also thanked the affected family for patience.

“As government we wish to thank the family for their patience, understanding and co-operation during the entire period of this operation.

“This has made significant contribution to the operation,” said Gowa.

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