Why campus students need to focus on what brought them to school

By Silas Nyamweya | Wednesday, Oct 9th 2019 at 13:22
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Year in year out, reports of campus students failing to graduate due to failed or missed examinations are rife. For those of you who are on campus, you need to know what brought you there and focus on that fully. It is disgusting for many parents who make a lot of sacrifices to pay school fees for their daughters and sons who end up failing themselves and the parents after all those efforts and wasted years.

Some of these parents have done a lot, including going hungry or surviving on sukuma wiki and ugali for months, begging chiefs to organize endless Harambees, and having to apply and service huge loans with the aim of giving their children a better life in future. Little do they know that their children are wasting themselves silly on campus.

A keen survey will tell you that many girls and boys who miss to be on the graduation list or manage only dismal performances are those who devout much of their time on relationship issues while on campus.

In the current world where the kinds of food people eat are keeping sex hormones at rage, we do understand that telling students to abstain from sex totally is a tall order for them. However, my message is simple and clear; do not become captive to issues to do with love or pleasure while at the campus.

The boyfriend or sponsor you may be enslaved to may not even become your life partner after all. Besides, many of you girls will be left on your own once you get pregnant or STDs. Get me right, your campus boyfriend or sponsor will not be willing to take responsibility for a child which he had not prepared for.

However, many of you (the girl child being a majority), spend a lot of time thinking and fantasizing about your lovers and sponsors while the lecturer is in class. In fact, many students become absent-minded while in class since what they think about is their experience with their lovers and the fake promises they have been offered like being bought a flat or being taken to Dubai.

Still, there are others who will be ready to be taken for outings and expeditions to such places as Maasai Mara, Mombasa Raha, Dubai, and be shown love experiences when they are supposed to be in class, doing CATS, exams, practicals, research, and learning, etc. What you may not be aware of is that, as much as these pleasures may be enticing, they might be short-lived. They will also be illuminating one’s desire to study, and hence the student will not see the need for being in class or doing exams.

These experiences and rendezvous are not only limited to the girl-child but also to the boy-child, especially those who have been hooked to sugar mummies. Whether you agree with me or not, the regrets will come years later when you fail to graduate because of poor marks, missed examinations, absenteeism, indiscipline, or failed submission deadlines. Some of these students who fear ridicule from their relatives or parents opt to borrow graduation gowns during graduation day just to take photos since they are not on the graduation list.

You cause agony to your parents, relatives, friends, villagers, colleagues, and other significant people in your life when your name fails to appear on the graduation list. Besides, you will end up missing important opportunities in life, such as your desired job due to lack of qualifications. You will also end leading a miserable life and doing odd jobs that you shouldn’t have been doing because of these mistakes. Your lover, sponsor or sugar mummy will be nowhere to be found at that time. To add to all these struggles are the curses from your parents and elders, which will follow you in your life-time.

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