How to prepare ugali in a minute — Kenyan nutritionists come up with ‘Instant Ugali flour’

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Oct 8th 2019 at 13:54
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The process of preparing ugali can be tedious especially if you have several mouths to feed.

Some actually say it is a skill that is developed over time.

Well, a group of nutritionists from the University of Eldoret have come up with instant flour which means you can prepare your ugali almost anywhere.

With only hot water in a flask and a packet of the Instant Ugali Pap, you can stir your ugali even at work in less than a minute.

The flour, which goes through an intense preparation process, is also fortified with fruits and vegetables so your health needs are sorted.

According to Professor Violet Mugalavai, the multipurpose flour has been given the green light by the Kenya Bureau of Standards and retails for around Sh200 per kg.

“Anyone who loves their ugali or porridge can now indulge whenever they feel like.

“With some hot water in a flask or a dispenser, one can achieve a drink of nutritious uji or cook ugali instantly using the multipurpose fortified flour,” said Mugalavai.

Maize, sorghum, pumpkin, bananas, mangoes, cassava, amaranth grains, millet, oranges, sweet potato, rice, carrot, baobab, chickpeas and cowpeas are used to make the flour.

To achieve quality instant flour products, cereals harvested by farmers are stored in special bags to ensure they remain fresh and free of contamination.

After drying, they are milled and taken through the extruder.

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