Are Kenyans misusing WhatsApp with fundraising groups?

By Silas Nyamweya | Tuesday, Oct 8th 2019 at 13:12
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The rate at which people are using WhatsApp to raise funds is worrying. It is no longer uncommon to find yourself in a strange WhatsApp group added by someone you don’t even know.

Some of the groups that are gaining prominence include:

Help me build a house, buy a Car

Nowadays, people have the audacity to form a WhatsApp group to raise money for building a family home or buying a personal car. Never mind that the group members live in rented houses and use public means of transport.

Bride price (ruracio)

“Kinyanjui ruracio project” the group will read with the first three imaginary members pushing the agenda with Sh5000 each. You should not be surprised to find that sometimes the goal is diverted to some “serious business venture” since nobody will be held accountable anyway.

TV Ministry

Some preachers who have dreamt of appearing on TV for a long time resort to forming groups to seek support for such initiatives. They will bombard church members with numerous requests to contribute the huge sums of money required with claims that it’s God’s desire that they preach on TV.

Travelling Abroad

Some characters seek fare from their WhatsApp friends to travel abroad. Interestingly, at times, there is no clear reason why they are travelling. Once the contributions are over, you will still see them loitering around claiming that there is a crisis at the immigration department.

Wedding Anniversary

These people will ask you to contribute anything you have to make the function a success. 

Baby Showers

Here you will even be given a dress code! Contributions have to be made in good time for the event to be a success. Woe unto you if most of your friends get pregnant.

Birthday Party

Of late “Mary Birthday party” or “John Birthday party” are also common WhatsApp groups. The groups are solely formed to cater for the expenses and costs that will accrue from the “party” planned on a scheduled date.


There are Kenyans who request for funding in order to make their engagements successful. They will claim that they do not have money to buy their fiancée a good engagement ring or doing the necessary to make the event a memorable one


The characters who sought support from their friends for their ruracio and a wedding will eventually go ahead and form another group to organize for their honeymoon.

The other day someone told me they want to go to Maldives! 

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