Not again! 13-year-old boy kills himself in Bomet

By Babu Tendu | Monday, Oct 7th 2019 at 13:19
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A class six pupil was on Sunday, October 6 found hanging from the roof of his parents’ house at Kimatisio village in Chepalungu, Bomet County.

The body of the minor was discovered by his grandfather with a cloth around his neck.

Area chief David Marusoi confirmed the incident but said that the reason why the boy took his life is yet to be known.

“Everyone was away during the incident, his grandfather noticed the body dangling on the roof, he raised an alarm alerting the neighbours,” said the chief.

Police said that they were waiting for the parents of the deceased to calm down before they can record a statement.

This comes three days after another 13-year-old pupil committed suicide at Kanyariri village in Embu County.

A Bomet class six schoolgirl committed suicide in September 2019 after she was scolded by her teacher for having her periods in class.

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