Babu calls off demo after last-minute letter

By Vincent Kejitan | Friday, Oct 4th 2019 at 12:34
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Embakasi East MP Babu Owino on Friday called off a planned demo after receiving a letter from the Managing Trustee of the NSSF Dr Anthony Omerikwa.

Earlier, the lawmaker had stated that he would lead members of his constituency to eject NSSF Board of Trustees Chairman Rtd General Julius Karangi.

He claimed that cartels were frustrating his people by selling land to residents but refusing to give them title deeds.

“I will be leading residents of Embakasi East Constituency in a peaceful demonstration that will begin at the NSSF where we will eject the Chairman General Julius Karangi at 9:30am.

From there, we will head to the Ministry of Lands to eject the officials from office. These people are incompetent and are working hand in hand with cartels to frustrate the hard-working people of Embakasi East,” he said.

Adding: “NSSF sold land to residents in my constituency¬†over 15 years ago and have never released their title deeds to them. People took loans and sold assets in order to buy this land only to be scammed by people who are still sitting pretty in Government offices.”

However, on Friday he called off the demo saying he had received a letter assuring him that the NSSF is working with the Ministry of Lands to process the documents for all the complainants.

“I therefore temporarily suspend the planned demonstrations to give them a chance to fulfill their written pledges.

“I will however still personally go to these offices to get the personal assurances from the Managing Trustee on this issue. Residents of Embakasi East must get what is due to them without fear or favor,” said the MP.

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