Kenya Railways bans drinks, cooked food in trains

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Oct 3rd 2019 at 10:38
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The Kenya Railways on Wednesday announced that drinks and cooked food will no longer be allowed into termini and will be confiscated at the security checkpoints.

Through a statement seen by Ureport, Kenya Railways further stated that the items will not be repossessed.

“Kenya Railways wishes to remind our passengers and customers that alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and cooked food are strictly prohibited into the termini and stations.

“These items will be confiscated at the security check points at the termini and stations.

“Please note that the items once confiscated will not be repossessed,” read the statement.

However, this did not go down well with Kenyans online who complained about the quality of food served in SGR commuter trains.

Others also asked what their babies would eat since most of them require special homemade meals.

Here are the reactions:

Why did you not communicate this prior to implementation. Today it was total drama at the Mombasa terminus. We were forced to drink or throw away drinks that we had carried, milk and food meant for toddlers. Treat ppl fairly, you are not giving us free rides. — Binti (@Purposefull23) October 2, 2019

@DREWANDRE Goodbye SGR. It was nice knowing you. We'll go back to "Mzee wa kazi" @coastbuskenya

— Sam Akwale (@SAkhwale) October 2, 2019

What about infants. Do you sell mashed pumpkin n Irish potatoes mixed with milk for ma baby? — Dan Lugosi (@dnlugosi) October 2, 2019

Hey @KenyaRailways_ am frequent user of Sgr your service food service is way below average for both business and economy class. U cant stop people from carrying food stuffs for 6 hr journey and the only thing you are providing is frozen tasteless and not fresh food — Mwanaisha Chidzuga (@M_Chidzuga) October 2, 2019

Very true.... They’ve tasteless food. Some Mandazis not fresh at all then very expensive — Chris Oguk ?????????? (@c_oguk) October 3, 2019

Is this your way of pushing sales of your expensive snacks and beverages up? — Edwin Ayugu (@AyuguEdwin) October 2, 2019

What about those travelling with infants I guess you will also provide mashed food milk uji for the infants for the journey.I pay 3k for 1st class and the only thing u provide is tea the rest I have to buy.for the other passengers they are nt even allowed to access the cafeteria — Mwanaisha Chidzuga (@M_Chidzuga) October 2, 2019

So we have to buy everything from the train so what if I want to eat something else that is not sold in the train? — Yasin Ahmed (@yasinjaya_) October 2, 2019

On Kenya Railways Food Ban.I travel to China many times. In China Chinese people carry cooked food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in trains. IF you WISH you may buy train-food. In Germany too and across the world! @KenyaRailways_ MUST stop idiotic barbaric EXPLOITATION.

— Dr. John Njenga Karugia, PhD (@johnnjenga) October 3, 2019
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