Latest update by Kenya Ferry Services angers Kenyans

By Vincent Kejitan | Monday, Sep 30th 2019 at 13:17
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The Kenya Ferry Services on Monday morning put a post that did not go down well with Kenyans.

Following a Sunday accident where a saloon car plunged into the ocean aboard MV Harambee, many expected KFS to give a timely update on the rescue mission but this was not the case.

They instead talked about the four ferries at the Likoni channel and one at the Mtongwe channel.

“Good morning, we are serving you with four ferries at the Likoni channel and one at the Mtongwe channel.

“We wish you a blessed and fruitful day,” wrote KFS.

Angry Kenyans demanded an update on the Sunday accident where a mother and her child are reported to have drowned.

This is lame for you its business as usual even after lives were lost in your hands.....Right now you should be giving awareness on SAFETY MEASURES not these barbaric messages of serving us with four death traps — Reuben Gitonga (@reubenmuriithi3) September 30, 2019

Even after yesterday's tragedy?? No grieving for you? You're redefining arrogance and PR nightmare. — James Kahongeh (@_nkurunzizah) September 30, 2019

and i guess its moving on... business as usual even after the loss of four lives? so what measures have you put in since the accident yesterday to make sure other lives are not lost? ama losing lives is part of your business? @Ma3Route @SafeDrivingKE — #AintNobodyGotTime4ThisSh*t (@yourspenfully) September 30, 2019

We cannot forgive you for what happened yesterday. Apologize and request for @MikeSonko rescue to teach you how to respond when a disaster happens — ISAACK MUTHUSI ???? ??Statehouse Time keeper?? (@Isaack_Muthusi) September 30, 2019

Delete this and first tell us what led to the accident that happened yesterday!

— KOT ???????? (@KOT_Loyals) September 30, 2019

Shameful update at this time. God be with your people — Nick Rutto (@NickRutto1) September 30, 2019

I have never seen such a mediocrity, at this saddening time this is what you can afford to tweet! — U-GENE (@iamabutojnr) September 30, 2019

Take your good mornings and have it for breakfast, when will you make your services safe enough for Kenyans? Why aren't their emergency services like life guards on those death traps? Did those people drowning off one your ferries satisfy you? ??????????? — JKM (@TheOnlyJKM) September 30, 2019

By the time this article was published, the cause of the accident was yet to be established and neither the car nor the occupants had been retrieved.

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