Lawyer Philip Murgor claims he was abused during Tob Cohen’s funeral

By Babu Tendu | Thursday, Sep 26th 2019 at 16:03
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Sarah Wairimu’s lawyer, Philip Murgor, lodged a complaint to the Parklands Police Station against a Kiambu Politician.

According to a letter he wrote to the OCS, Murgor alleged that Patrick Kariuki Muiruri threatened him after he requested Muriuri's daughter to move away from the cemetery.

Murgor went ahead to explain that it was the intervention of advocates Chege Kirundi and Cliff Ombeta that stopped the former legislator from landing on him.

 “On September 24, 2019, at the funeral of the late Tob Cohen, I was confronted by one Patrick Muiruri, a Kiambu politician who menacingly shouted at me not to pick on his daughter, but on him, if I wanted a confrontation.”

“I had politely requested the daughter of Muiruri to leave the cemetery, as the funeral was agreed to be a private ceremony for family only “

"As he advanced towards me, he was restrained by Chege Kirundi and Cliff Ombeta – advocates who luckily were on hand. The incident was witnessed by George Ouma, an advocate”. read the letter

The lawyer further stated that he took the incident as an attempt to intimidate him as Sarah Cohen’s Lawyer.

“Given the unexplained leading role, interest, and positions taken publicly by Muiruri in the case facing my client Sarah Cohen, I take this outburst as a threat in an attempt to intimidate me as an advocate for Mrs Cohen," Murgor alleged.

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