Isaac Mwaura put on the spot over this photo

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Sep 26th 2019 at 13:40
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Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura was on Thursday put on the spot over a photo he uploaded on social media.

In the photo, an albino boy is standing in front of six children. Mwaura claimed that he was the boy in the photo and it was captured in 1986.

“I started addressing a political gathering at the age of 4 years. A great #TBT in 1986 at Githunguri, Kiambu County,” he wrote.

Netizens were, however, far from convinced since the same photo was at one point used by Deutsche Welle to highlight the plight of albinos in Zambia.

Mwaura maintained that he was the young boy in the photo and expressed his gratitude to the Almighty.

“God has been so faithful, I have seen this photo being used by international media houses over the years,” wrote the Nominated Senator.

Netizens refused to buy his story and heavily criticized him for lying.

Andrew Muriithi: stop lying, that soil betrays you. Ruiru is red soil.

Max Kip: That little girl dress and the boys hood definitely is not from the 80s.

Silvester Silvanos: Another day another lie. Shame on you mheshimiwa.

TJ Fanet: You are not even proud yourself unaiba pic Zambia.

Runi Krystal: There is no way pictures from 86 are of this quality.

Joseph Akal Otieno: In as much as your story inspires hope and resilience, I don't think it is proper to use someone else's photo claiming it is your own. You could still have driven your point home without having to lie in broad daylight that this photo was taken in 1986 somewhere in Kiambu! Otherwise yours is such an encouraging story. I wish you well Jatelo.

Mutava Jnr: Hon Dr. Isaac Mwaura CBS MP you know to cook things, the person who gave you that idea forgot to tell you to change the photo to black and white.

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