Court rules that hangovers are a disease

By Babu Tendu | Wednesday, Sep 25th 2019 at 12:26
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A German court has ruled that hangovers are an illness.

According to the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt, any disturbance in the normal functioning of the body is an illness.

The court added that hangovers are not natural but erupt from the consumption of alcohol which is harmful to the human body.

"By an illness, one should understand even small or temporary disruptions to the normal state or normal activity of the body."

"They do not occur as a result of the natural 'up and downs' of the body, but as a result of the consumption of alcohol, a harmful substance," the court said.

This judgment came as part of a ruling in a case where plaintiffs claimed that a company offering anti-hangover shots and drink powders was making illegal claims about curing the side-effects of alcohol.

The court further stated that food supplements cannot claim to treat a disease.

Symptoms which are normally associated with hangovers include headaches, nausea, and tiredness all of which the unnamed company claimed it can cure.

Doctors coined the term ‘Veisalgia’ to be used as a special medical term for ‘hangover’.

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