Kenyan youth fear death more than HIV — Study reveals

By Vincent Kejitan | Friday, Sep 20th 2019 at 15:12
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A study by Consumer Insight has revealed that Kenyan youth fear death more than HIV/AIDS.

Titled “Study on Youth of Kenya” the report found that Kenyan youth fear death at 51 percent followed by HIV/AIDS at 39 percent.

According to Maina Junior, an associate researcher at Consumer Insight, this is because they believe they can still live for long if they take ARVs.

“Fear of HIV/Aids is not rising because youths believe one can still live positively if they take medication and stay on a good diet,” said Maina.

Other issues that are feared most by youth include poverty, joblessness and violence.

It was also discovered that Kenyan youth value their health at 49 percent, followed closely by education at 46 percent.

There is a belief among them that poverty has the potential to drive them out of poverty.

Family comes in third at 44 percent, comfort (39 percent), career (35 percent) and money (30 percent).

“There is a link between good education, good career and money. And one needs money to live a comfortable life and have good health; both preventive and curative,” added Maina.

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