Kenyan men likely to date local girls because it is economical — Study

By Vincent Kejitan | Friday, Sep 20th 2019 at 12:34
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Kenyan men are likely to date local girls because it is economical.

This is according to a survey titled “Study on Youth of Kenya” done by Consumer Insight between 2017-2019.

According to the report, Kenyan girls feel a South African, a Nigerian or a European man might be wealthier than a Kenyan man.

The study, which was conducted in 16 counties and sampled 1634 youths across all socio-economic classes aged between 13 and 30, also revealed that most young people believe the ideal age for marriage is 27-29.

Interestingly, the youth picture a perfect wedding as a church ceremony followed by a reception.

Maina Junior, an associate researcher at Consumer Insight, said that the study also revealed that couples from humble backgrounds have a higher opinion of marriage than their rich counterparts.

When it comes to dating, the internet has become a major source of love and nine percent of youth have attempted online dating.

Of this figure, about 81 per cent end up as friends while 52 per cent of these friends get romantically involved.

Also, men mostly use local dating sites to look for love while young women believe true love is in international sites where the pool is bigger in terms of race and financial muscle.

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