Text Book Centre pulls down book with vulgar language from its shelves

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Sep 19th 2019 at 13:30
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Text Book Centre Limited on Wednesday announced that it would no longer stock ‘Blood Ties’, a book by Storymoja Publishers, that has been heavily criticized for using foul language.

In a statement to newsrooms, Text Book Centre reiterated its desire to uphold high moral standards and asked the publisher to recall the book.

“We endeavor to stock and distribute merchandise that reflect the same and we have done so for the last 55 years.

“We have taken measures to mitigate this and henceforth we shall not be stocking the above book,” read the statement in part.

Storymoja, on their part, stated that Blood Ties is a book that covers contemporary societal issues such as substance abuse, relationships, child abuse, bullying and sexual abuse.

“We regret the alarm and anxiety caused by a section of the text that was used in a particular scene involving a violent robbery incident, which if read out of context, might be misconstrued.

“In actual fact, the book guides the readers on the steps to take should they find themselves in a similar situation and underscores the sensitivity with which victims of sexual abuse should be treated,” said Storymoja.

The publishers further clarified that the book is meant for high school readers and not class 6 pupils.

This comes just a few days after a vulgar video of a 13-year-old boy evoked angry reactions from the public and raised pertinent questions regarding parenting.

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