My legs were longer than the skirt — Akothee speaks on her Parliament dress code

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Sep 19th 2019 at 11:23
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Controversial singer Akothee on Wednesday showed up at Parliament buildings in a short skirt and was asked to cover herself.

She had been invited by Nominated MP David Ole Sankok but was asked to cover herself before she could be allowed inside.

The singer later defended her dress code saying she thought she was officially dressed until someone handed her a leso.

She added that the only problem was that her legs were longer than the skirt.

“It’s my legs that are longer than the skirt, trust me it’s not me. I thought I was officially dressed until I was lessod…well that was fun,” she said.

The singer added that she was looking to ask legislators to support her during the launch of her foundation that is scheduled for September 28, 2019.

“I have invited the MPs to come join me in the official launch of Akothee foundation on the 28th September. I can't make a change in Turkana or the lives of people Alone without them!

“I need everyone’s support…thanks a lot waheshimiwa as I wait to see and shake your hands! Next time will come in a trouser,” she remarked.

Akothee maintained that she has a strong desire to give back to the community since she has slept hungry before.

“We can’t keep asking for paybill and donating food every time. We need a permanent solution,” she added.

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