Heroic taxi driver's act of humanity saves an epileptic woman

By Babu Tendu | Wednesday, Sep 18th 2019 at 16:06
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Joseph Kyallo Wambua, a taxi driver was to thank after he came to the rescue of a business lady who suffered a seizure around Embakasi on Monday evening.

The driver had been called to the area around Fedha estate in Embakasi by Digital Humanitarian Philip Ogola where a woman had experienced a seizure.

The lady, who was regaining consciousness, confessed that she had walked all the way from Mlolongo to the area where she was selling clothes and had not eaten for the whole day.

This prompted those who were surrounding her to raise some money for her to use as fare and feed herself and her children.

On arrival, the taxi driver was told what had happened and agreed to take the woman home.

“I was really worried about the possibility of the woman suffering another seizure, but those who had attended to her assured me that she was good to go. So I accepted the trip and we left,” stated the driver.

The driver narrated that as they approached Syokimau, the woman suddenly slumped into her seat.

This prompted Wambua to call Ogola who directed him on what to do to help her regain consciousness.

He then drove her to Agha Khan hospital in Syokimau and after a while, she once again regained consciousness.

The woman insisted to be taken home, and it was on the way that she had another attack and with the help of two women who showed up, Wambua was able to get her to a hospital in Kitengela.

The driver confirmed that she had been admitted before he left but after a follow-up call on Tuesday morning, was informed that she had been discharged.

All this time the meter used by the cab company to charge customers had been running but the driver chose to disconnect it to avoid increasing the amount the woman would be charged.

“I canceled the trip because I felt it wasn’t important at that time. I chose to switch off the app until I was completely done with her,” he added.

The digital humanitarian through his twitter account asked the company to reward the driver terming his actions as heroic.

.@villigm Joseph Kyallo Wambu @boltapp ???? Driver @Boltapp_ke deserves an award???????? for his noble deed yesterday, he not only took care of the patient when she had multiple seizures but took her to hospital stayed with her and he WAIVED the cab costs #ItCouldBeYou @drthuranira pic.twitter.com/8FwZVBBrNR — Digital Humanitarian (@PhilipOgola) September 17, 2019

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