Teacher stabbed by her husband in class

By Babu Tendu | Wednesday, Sep 18th 2019 at 15:18
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Everline Akinyi Otieno, a teacher at St. Paul’s Gulf Academy, was on Tuesday stabbed before her students as she was teaching in class.

The 25-year-old teacher is currently nursing knife wounds as she was allegedly stabbed by her husband who appeared at her class during the day.

Everline alleged that her husband, Kevin Otieno Ochieng, walked into her class and requested her to hand over her phone then he stepped out of the classroom.

Little did she know that he would come back and descend on her with blows and kicks before drawing out a knife.

She was however rushed to Bondo Sub-County hospital for treatment.

She added that her husband has often threatened to kill her as a result of their unending domestic quarrels.

The school`s director Indere Ambajo confirmed the attack in the school.

The man was however caught as he attempted to flee the scene and was descended upon by an angry mob.

Luckily for the 32-year-old, the police came to his rescue and took him to a police station where he was later released under unclear circumstances.

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