Luck saves journalist from court case

By Babu Tendu | Tuesday, Sep 17th 2019 at 12:46
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Kevin Mokaya, a former employee of the Nation Media Group(NMG) and a member of a gym located inside the TRM mall, has luck to thank for being a free man.

This comes after the DCI announced through their twitter account that they had arrested two men linked with a stolen motor vehicle and a bunch of assorted car keys and plates.

This did not rest well with the journalist who had traveled to the village since the name matched his and he had lost his wallet in TRM mall where the suspects were arrested.

TWO MALES were Today arrested at #TRM in connection to a stolen Motor vehicle and a Bunch of assorted Car keys & Alarms belonging to different vehicles recovered. The Two suspects; Kelvin Mokaya and Moses Alimlim were busted as they attempted to flee the Mall in the stolen Car.

— DCI KENYA (@DCI_Kenya) September 10, 2019

A man with the same name as his had however been arraigned in Makadara and had already denied charges against him.

Mokaya was then prompted to come back to Nairobi and headed straight to Kasarani Police Station over the matter.

According to Kasarani police boss Peter Kimani, the suspect was unable to raise bail terms hence was still in custody.

After confirmation, it was discovered that the suspect in custody was using the journalist`s identity.

“Luckily the man had not managed to raise the bail terms,”

“We have since established that he was using someone else’s identity,” said Kasarani Police Boss Peter Kimani.

“I have been following up the matter. The man is still in custody,” he said.

It was later discovered that the imposter`s real name was Evans Soita and had been arrested trying to flee TRM mall with a stolen motor vehicle.

The journalist who had reported his lost wallet at Kasarani Police Station is yet to get his wallet back which he said contained crucial possessions.

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