Passaris explains why she did not go to a public hospital

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Sep 17th 2019 at 12:09
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Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris underwent a Medial Branch Procedure at Aga Khan Hospital on Monday but a section of netizens questioned why she did not seek the services at a public health facility.

“Why couldn’t you go to Kenyatta /Mbagathi or Pumwani for treatment?” posed one Twitter user.

Passaris swiftly responded by saying that would be a publicity stunt and would deny a needy Kenyan bed space.

“Because I can afford private medical care. Public hospitals are part of a country’s mandate to provide quality medical care at affordable rates.

“My taking a bed there will only be a publicity stunt, that would deny a needy Kenyan the much-needed bed & care I strive for,” she said.

Further, the lawmaker took the opportunity to praise Kenyan doctors saying they are just as qualified as their counterparts who are abroad.

She also called for the country to legalise medicinal marijuana since it would come in handy as a painkiller.

“My meds on a daily basis were ranging between 15-20 tablets. If we had medical cannabis in Kenya, I would probably be on some form of cannabis treatment.

“I hope we can work on that as a country,” she said.

Adding: “With Universal Health Care, if we can get all our public hospitals to be really efficient…we have very good doctors in Kenya.”

The legislator stated that the operation went well and she had her first pain-free night in over two months.

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