Organised Crime: Kenyan robbers embrace new tactics

By Babu Tendu | Monday, Sep 16th 2019 at 16:02
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When robbers walked into Equity Bank, Othaya branch, Nyeri County, in late 2015 posing as auditors and walked out of the bank with Sh30m in cash, it seemed like any other robbery.

What many did not understand is that a new shape was forming in the manner in which criminals would conduct their illegal activities.

As it is with any business, the owners always want to perfect their craft in order to attract the best possible gains from their trade.

Robbers have since embraced planning before they can actualise a crime.

Some of the Kenyan banks that have been hit include;

Co-operative bank, Isiolo branch

Thought to be an inside job, this could be one of the most mysterious bank heists to have taken place in the country.

In this heist, there were no witness accounts that could be pieced together to create an actual picture of the occurrences accurately.

Investigations revealed that in the course of the robbery no one bothered to trigger the alarm systems yet the employees of the company were in different office cubicles.

Guards who were outside the bank told police that they did not hear any sound from inside the building at the time of the robbery.

Employees who were inside the building claimed that there was an unknown number of robbers with AK47 guns but when interrogated separately, none of them could describe the appearance of the guns.

KCB bank- Thika branch

In November 2017 thieves managed to access the bank and got away with Sh50 million.

Having rented an apartment not far from the bank , the robbers dug a tunnel that was more than 100metres beneath blocks of houses to a location under the bank.

The tunnel was lined with wood and plastic, had air conditioning systems and lighting.

The thieves further broke through 1.1 meters of steel-reinforced concrete to enter the bank from beneath.

Equity Bank Kayole

Those tasked with guarding the building knew of the robbery six hours after it was completed.

Robbers got away with an excess of Sh26m unnoticed.

After completion of the burglary, it was still not clear whether the bank's staff or the burglars were responsible for turning off the CCTV cameras and alarm bells.

Those suspected were said to have drilled a hole into a wall leading directly to the bank`s safe.

Recently, robbers impersonating police officers managed to get away with Sh72m with ease and in a rather organised manner.

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