Khalwale faces wrath of KOT after dragging Raila, Kalonzo into Mariga’s woes

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Sep 12th 2019 at 14:00
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Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale on Wednesday faced the full wrath of Kenyans on Twitter after he dragged ODM leader Raila Odinga and Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka into McDonald Mariga’s woes.

Through a tweet, Khalwale stated that Mariga was being harassed because of his ‘hustler’ background yet Kennedy Kalonzo (Kalonzo’s son) and Oburu Odinga (Raila’s brother) were ‘gifted’ free seats in EALA.

“I come from a most unequal country where Kennedy Kalonzo and Oburu Odinga are gifted free parliamentary seats in EALA but Mariga (a hustler's son) is being denied a chance to COMPETE for a seat in Kibra!

“The Hustler Nation will speak.” he wrote.

Khalwale was referring to Mariga’s halted bid to vie for the Kibra seat after IEBC stated that his name was missing from the voters’ register.

The post drew a myriad of reactions from KOT who did not mince their words.

Mzalendo Tetu: We also belong to a country where power hungry goons calling themselves hustlers are preying on innocent pple & giving them fake voters cards to achieve political mileage.

Hic Sunt: This hustler narrative is way past its sell-by date! But please distract from the fact that Mariga wasn't registered until way after the deadline on August 26, 2019! Are we supposed to 'gift' a man who has not shown post-secondary qualifications with an office eti ni hustler?

John Ogola: With all due respect, do you know how many young men and women Mariga has coaxed into gambling and you dare tweet such nonsense? I'm now convinced this was a project that hasn't gone down as planned. Money has blinded you folk. Your end shall be very miserable... beware...

Ken Ojuok: Must you invoke Raila Odinga's name to earn your per diem?

Kerr Owino: Wewe, did Oburu n Kalonzo Jr register 1 week to elections? You've been paid to suspend your mental faculties?

Frank Chitechi: Mariga is not a hustler, he is a multimillionaire if not a billionaire. Wewe mzee njaa ndo inakusumbua.

Dismas Ombuya: Stop this nonsense! This guy has never voted in Kenya! "Registered" in August 26th when we wanted to vie! Now you bring in people here!!

Monica Bucher: Representing mwananchi ceased to be the core business of our politicians but to show off wealth so they can be adored and voted in. This is becoming Zilizopendwa.

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