Kuria tells politicians to deal with death threats quietly

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Sep 10th 2019 at 14:26
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Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria on Monday instructed politicians to deal with elimination threats silently.

Through a Facebook post, the legislator stated that this is because some members of the public love to hear such news due to the hatred they have for politicians.

“To fellow politicians. Every time we tell the public that so and so is planning to eliminate us, the public silently cheers.

“They hate us. It's better we deal with these matters quietly,” he wrote.

The post evoked mixed reactions from Kenyans who bashed Kuria and accused him of double standards.

Sandrah Njoki: Yet when you felt your life was under threat you shouted from the clouds, but now you want someone else to be silent of their fears

Allan Kiprotich Chesire: I thought at some point you shouted at the top of the mountain that your life is in danger? Next time when you feel that your life is in danger, stay at home.

Captain Pius: We as the public we are the one who voted you. U become glutton, mkakula za umma sana mkanona kama nguruwe sa hadi kumtoa vitini hatuwezi, so when we hear such elimination schemes we just cheer. I can refer it as everyone's "public demand"

Kimathi Njuguna: Last Time I Checked you told us your life was in danger now you won't other's to deal with the matter quietly. Oops

Kibor Ke: So you want leaders to be eliminated silently and selectively, kesho they'll come for you and you'll be here crying like a baby..

William Kamau: When it’s your life you deal with it in public, when it's others they can deal with it quietly.

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