Riruta Deputy OCS shot dead by colleague

By Babu Tendu | Thursday, Sep 5th 2019 at 13:14
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Benson Indeche, Deputy Officer Commander of Riruta police Station was on Thursday morning shot dead by a colleague in Kawangware.

The deputy OCS is said to have been in an argument with one of the bodaboda operators in the area and drama erupted after he removed his gun and threatened to shoot him.

It was then that the bodaboda operators alerted officers who were on patrol. On arrival, they challenged him to surrender.

According to a statement at the Muthangari police station, Indeche responded by shooting at one of the officers, Kenneth Kimani, injuring him on his left arm 

"They (Boda Boda operators) alerted officers who were on patrol and on responding challenged him to surrender, instead he shot at the officers injuring Kenneth Kimathi on the left wrist arm," read the police report.

The two were rushed to the Nairobi Women’s hospital and on arrival, Indeche was pronounced dead.

The deceased was armed with a Ceska pistol.

Police have launched investigations in the matter.

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