Miguna takes issue with Maraga’s dressing

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Sep 4th 2019 at 13:21
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Lawyer Miguna Miguna on Wednesday tore into Chief Justice David Maraga over his dressing.

Through a tweet, Miguna compared Maraga to United Kingdom’s CJ Lord Burnett of Maldon, urging the former to dump the colonial wigs he wears on some occasions.

He also asked National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi to do away with his and adopt a modern look.

“Throw away the dirty colonial wigs and pump in fresh oxygen. Kenyan lawyers, judges and speakers are embarrassing to the world!” said Miguna.

Kenyans online also agreed with Miguna saying the wigs are ‘old school’.

Mutembei Marete: The judiciary and LSK to abandon those ugly things.

Henry Kihika: That's how they brought Christianity to us and they later abandoned it.

Kevin Mwangi: For the first time ever I agree with you.

Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga almost did away with the robes during his tenure as he adopted a more liberal approach.

In fact, Mutunga showed up for his swearing in 2011 in a suit and his explanation was simple; “I would be perfectly happy to wear a robe that is a Maasai blanket.”

“I thought I was going to insult the President and the Prime Minister, who fought so hard to get the Constitution, if I showed up there (for the swearing-in) wearing colonial wigs and dresses.”

Mutunga even told lawyers that it was no longer necessary to appear in court donning gowns and horsehair wigs.

In 2018, Julius Malema, leader and founder of the Economic Freedom Fighters party in South Africa, bashed judges who still put on robes and white wigs saying they are a sign of colonialism.

“Does it mean you can only think when you wear a wig that looks like the hair of white people? You're actually wearing white brains. The reason you think properly is because of that wig according to colonialism," he stated.

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