Kiambu woman who hid for days to avoid being counted finally resurfaces

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, Aug 31st 2019 at 11:28
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The National Census exercise comes to a close today and a woman in Kiambu County who hid for three days to avoid being counted has finally resurfaced.

According to Riabai chief Antony Kariuki, the woman sneaked away when she spotted census officials during the week and was not seen in the area for days.

“We noticed that the house had no occupants and when we spoke to the neighbours, they said that owner had fled since Monday,” said Kariuki.

The woman came back three days later and neighbours promptly informed Kariuki.

“She got surprised when she saw us because she thought that we were long gone from the area.

"Fortunately, she cooperated when we approached her for the exercise,” he said.

This comes days after an Akorino cleric and his wife were arrested in Naivasha after blocking census enumerators from counting them.

The drama unfolded in Gatamaiyu village 30 kilometres from Naivasha as the couple and their four children kicked out the enumerators before police could intervene.

The family defied orders from the police to open up before local elders intervened.

While quoting sections of the Bible, the suspects identified as Akhi Shilton and Akol Emmah said that they would only be counted in heaven and not on earth.

The cleric told the enumerators and security officers that they would be cursed for going against the Bible "which bars any kind of census."

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