Census official urinates in family’s living room

By Standard Reporter | Friday, Aug 30th 2019 at 12:12
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The National Census exercise is almost coming to an end and it has been quite eventful.

On Thursday, a census enumerator in Murang’a County showed up drunk at a family’s home and ended up embarrassing himself.

The man, who had too much to drink, ended up undressing in full glare of the family and went ahead to relieve himself.

At the time, he did not have the census gadgets and the owner of the house alerted police.

After being stabilized at a nearby hospital, the enumerator revealed that he had left the gadgets at his girlfriend’s house.

It later emerged that he was supposed to be accompanied by the owner of the house (a Nyumba Kumi official) for the exercise.

Earlier this week, Melissa Muli from Kilolapwa village, Kwale, poured water on Teresiah Mwaura, an enumerator, saying she did not like the questions she was asking.

The matter was reported at Diani police station and the suspect arrested.

The incident is among many that have formed the basis of challenges enumerators encounter during the count.

Some people were robbed, an enumerator was molested and another bitten by a dog in separate incidents as the census exercise got underway last weekend.

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