State official using assistants to run his personal errands

By Grapevine | Friday, Aug 30th 2019 at 10:50
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Aides of a top State office in one of the three arms of government are up in arm for being “used” to run personal errands.

The aides who ought to be assisting the big man in his day to day office work claim they have been turned into errand boys.

They complain that they are given duties even in his house and farm. The officer has also stretched his tentacles to office vehicles and is also using the same to carry among other things manure, under supervision of his wife.

Our little bird says that police officers were recently shocked to find the officer's wife in official vehicle carrying bricks after office hours.

Two days later, his aides who were told to accompany the officer for an event along his home ended up being hands-men to a mason hired to repair a wall. They were however not paid for their extra work. The aids are now assigning interns to move around with the officer.

Still in another State agency…

Junior employees are grumbling after their boss kicked them out of the agency’s parking lot.

In a fight that is silently simmering, the employees complain that their boss is unrealistic as a parking of 20 vehicles is now reserved for two people; the boss and his deputy.

The two have five vehicles. Although the parking lot in question and the building housing it are some of the most secured place in the country, both senior and junior employees in the institution were told to look for space elsewhere due to security issues.

They now wonder how they ought to pay for parking while their institution has enough space for everyone.

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