Western MP abandons guest for some fun time with woman

By Grapevine | Thursday, Aug 29th 2019 at 08:27
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A lawmaker from Western region yesterday left a guest he had booked an appointment with waiting for hours at a joint in Upper Hill as he enjoyed himself with a young lady.

The second term MP excused himself from his guest immediately the lady showed up before they both went upstairs, which host accommodation rooms.

Initially, the guest expected the polygamous MP to get back in minutes so they could conclude on their engagement.

But he was in for a rude shock as the legislator spent two hours before he sent a messaging asking the guest who had become inpatient to just leave and meet some other day.

The Grapevine later learnt that the MP has been using the hotel as his hide out with beautiful women, with sources at the establishment confiding that it was a normal occurrence for the politician to be spotted by different women in the hotel.

In other news…

The rift between a Mt Kenya Governor and his deputy has been the talk of town after the Personal Assistant to the DG was forced to hitch a ride with good Samaritans and public matatus to attend official functions.

This is despite the fact several luxury vehicles remain parked outside the governor's offices. The county bosses have refused to provide the assistant with transportation.

According to sources who opened up to The Grapevine the effort to provide any support to the DGs office has been discussed at county cabinet and no action has been approved by the governor who travels with a convoy of vehicles to every function.

The governor is afraid his DG is out shining him and decided to contain his deputy's meteoric rise to national fame.

Unfortunately, the DGs staff have been caught in the supremacy battles at the county.

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