The fight against corruption, a serious deceit to Kenyans

By Michael Samoja Arodi | Tuesday, Aug 27th 2019 at 14:07
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The fight against corruption in Kenya cannot and will not be successful provided that there are stringent laws to enhance the fluidness in relation to eliminating the menace that's corruption itself.

Corruption as a serious developmental constraint in Kenya specifically requires a change of culture as an ultimate antidote to it. Corruption has to deal with moral attributes, concern that means therefore that the effectiveness of the fight against it doesn't lie within creating many offices like DCI department among many others.

Corruption in Kenya is a sub-culture that's cropping up, and you can only fight the sub-culture by introducing a recessive culture of responsibility and stewardship among our citizens which should be integrated and be made part of the curriculum, that's if we want long term triumph over this problem.

The DCI department is doing the best they can; however, the outcome doesn't satisfy the larger Kenyan majority. For instance, somebody is arrested for stealing a huge amount of money from public coffers, and the Cash Bond issued in fact much less than the total confirmed figure stolen; to me, that's a nice business and in fact encouraging corruption.

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